1. Patrons must complete a Researcher Registration Form and sign in to use materials in the archival collections. Photo identification is required (Student ID, Drivers License, Passport, etc.)
  2. All collections are closed to the public. Patrons must remain in the research area, and archive staff will retrieve materials.
  3. Care should be exercised in handling materials to prevent damage. All items should be kept flat and fully supported. Users must not lean on, write on, trace, tear, or handle items in such a way as to cause damage. Bound materials should never be forced to lie flat or open. Cotton gloves may be required for the use of photographs, negatives, and delicate materials.
  4. All materials must be used within the confines of the reading room. Photocopies, photographs (no flash), and scans are permissible. Delicate materials will be scanned by staff as necessary. Photocopied materials may not be reduplicated. Photocopied, photographed, and scanned materials may only be used for research purposes by the individual whose signature is affixed to this form and may not be transferred to another individual or institution.
  5. Personal belongings (such as backpacks, folders, purses, etc.) must be secured outside the reading room in space provided. All belongings brought into the Center may be subject to search upon leaving.
  6. Only pencils or laptop/notebook may be used for note-taking. Pens are strictly prohibited in the reading room. No marks or erasures are to be made on documents. Self-adhesive notes and tags are prohibited for use on archival materials. Pencils available from the Center staff.
  7. Replace all documents in the order in which they were arranged. Place holders are available. If filing errors are detected, please bring to the attention of the staff.
  8. Only two boxes of archival materials or one box of photographs will be made available in the reading room at a time. The Center staff will retrieve and return material as needed during the time of research.
  9. Citation for materials belonging to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary should be in the following format: “Archives and Special Collections, B. H. Carroll Center for Baptist Heritage and Mission, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.” (See Chicago Manual of Style for complete citation format.)
  10. Food and beverages (including gum) are not allowed in the reading room.
  11. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary does not hold the literary rights to all materials in its collections. The patron agrees to accept full responsibility for complying with copyright and privacy laws. It is the patron’s responsibility to secure permission from the creator of, or the rightful heirs to, published and unpublished materials before subsequent publication.