Services During COVID-19

Roberts And Bowld Use



Roberts Library

Monday-Friday 8AM-7:45PM

Saturday 10AM-2:45PM

Sunday Closed

Bowld Music Library

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9AM-4:45PM

Tuesday and Thursday 11AM-4:45PM

Saturday and Sunday Closed

Please refer to the seminary Covid-19 response for specific library precautions:

NOTE: Space will be limited to 27 seats in Roberts Library and 12 seats in Bowld Library.

Only one person permitted per table. A few study carrels will be available; however sofas and lounge chairs will not be permitted for use.

Signs will be posted on tables and chairs that are not to be used. We ask you to help us respect these off-limits areas.

The Computer Lab will be open with no more than three computers designated for use.

Library users are not required to wear masks but are recommended for personal safety.

Online Databases

You can access our ebooks as well as online articles and other sources by clicking here.

Finding Ebooks

Steps for Finding Ebooks:

1) Do a Search in David for your term.

2) Click below and select the ebook results.

Or you can go down to the ebook box to view the ebooks.

3) View the ebook by clicking on Read Online.


Ebook Collections

In addition, there are other public domain ebook collections that you can use such as Open Library, Project Guttenberg, and HathiTrust.

Downloading ebooks

EBSCO Ebooks

* All EBSCO ebooks can be read without downloading. However, you may find it convenient to download an ebook.

Option 1 - Download Full Book into Adobe Digital Editions

1) In order to download an EBSCO ebook, you will need to search in the Advanced search option. Click on "Download this ebook (offline)" option on the left.


2) You will then be prompted to login to your EBSCOhost account. If you have not set up an account you will need to create one. An EBSCOhost account is free for you to use.

3) Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to choose your check out time. The max check out time for an EBSCO ebook is 28 day

4) You will then be prompted to download the ebook. You need to download the ebook into Adobe Digital Editions. If you are doing this on a mobile device, then you will be prompted to download ADE.


5) If you have never created an Adobe Account, you will need to do so. Adobe accounts are also free.

6) Once your checkout day has expired, the ebook will be deleted from your device. If you need it for a longer period, you can check it out again.


Option 2 - Download PDF Increments

1) Select PDF or EPub Full Text on left side.

2) Select Save Pages on the top of the page.


3) This will only allow you to download a set number of pages (this varies by book). In order to keep downloading the ebook you have to log in and out of EBSCO or go back to the library homepage and do another search.


ProQuest Ebooks

Option 1 - Download the ebook into Adobe Digital Editions

1) Click Online Access

2) You will be asked to login to ebrary through BlackBoard. Unlike EBSCO, you do not need to create a separate account. Your ebrary and Blackboard accounts are linked. Select Full Download on the left.

3) You will select your device and download the ebook through Adobe Digital Editions. The max checkout for Ebrary ebooks for 14 days. After 14 days, the ebooks will disappear from you device.

Option 2 - Download Ebook in 51 Page Increments

1) Click Online Access


2) Click "Read Online"

3) Select the chapter download tool.

4) You can select chapters or page ranges up 51 pages to download into PDF. You have the option of downloading your current page, page range of 51 pages, and current chapter (up to 51 pages). If you want more than 51 pages, you will need to logout and log back in to ebrary.


You are welcome to return your checked out books into the library dropbox. Books will be checked in to the system as they are droped in the box. Books that are returned will have a 3 day quarantine period and also sanitized. Patrons may also drop items borrowed from other libraries into the dropbox.