How to Find a Commentary

The best way to Find Commentaries is in the Advanced David Search. You will need to do a subject search for "Bible commentaries" and a title search for the book of the Bible. Make sure to select "Catalog Only" under Limit to.

You can also search to see if we have a certain commentary set of a specific book of the Bible. To do that you will need to add in a keyword search in quotations by using the "Select a field option" for the set you want to use.


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Biblical Language Emphasis Commentaries

International Critical Commentary  (Print and ONLINE)  The ICC is under revision. Many in this series are dated.  Some of these, however, in their handling of technical and critical language aspects are among the very best.  The NT replacement editions of Romans, Matthew, Ephesians, 2 Corinthians, Pastoral Epistles, Acts, and James are magisterial. Exegetical methods have drastically changed since the set was created.

Jewish Publication Society (Print Only) This JPS set of commentaries is considered "moderately critical"  and are useful to scholars and student on the Pentatuech.  They do a good job of treating the Hebrew text, supply ANE background information, exegesis from a JEWISH perspective, and supplement with rabbinics.  Users should remember that Hebrew is read right to left and likewise each volume is read right to left.

New International Greek Testament Commentary (Print and ONLINE) NIGTC is mildly critical with thorough exegesis of the Greek text.  Articles includes include full bibliographies but generally contain less exposition and theological reflection which would be used by pastors and preachers.  There is not one volume in this set which is less than outstanding. Most of the authors write from the evangelical perspective. 

Word Biblical Commentary  (Print Only) WBC is uniquely valuable for good textual work, new translations, and exegesis.  These commentaries are a treasure for students of the original languages.  It should be noted that a few of the volumes are written by non-evangelicals but are useful resources for understanding particular texts.

Conservative Exegetical Commentaries

Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (Print and ONLINE) BECNT has become well-known as among the most useful for help in Greek exegesis.  Easier to use than the NIGTC and the ICC. This set started where the Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary terminated in the 1990's.

Expositor's Bible Commentary (Print Only) The EBC was meant to replace the Expositor's Bible. The set does not evenly treat the biblical text through all the volumes.  The commentators are all evangelicals writing in the 1970's and 1980's.  The theological stance varies from book to book, but tends to be premillennial where it counts.  The best volumes in this set are considered Numbers, Samuel, Job, Psalms, Matthew, Acts, 2 Corinthians, and Revelation. 

Hermeneia (Print Only and ONLINE) HERM is a very high level technical and scholarly series which is intended for specialist and advanced students.  Greatly influenced by German theology.  The Old Testament material is considered the better portion.  The series showcases mainly historical-critical scholarship.

Interpretation (Print Only)  (I) is a moderately critical series which focuses more on theological exposition than on the technical aspects.  This series was designed with the pastor in mind.  The resulting quality of this resource is the integration of the historical and theological reflection with the biblical text.

New American Commentary (Print  and ONLINE EBSCO and ONLINE ProQuest) NAC is the conservative Southern Baptist commentary arranged in a readable format.  This commentary tends to be dispensational where it counts and is a huge improvement over the older Broadman Bible Commentary.  The target group is the pastor/minister and not generally the gradate student.

New International Commentary on the New Testament [NICNT] (Print Only and Online) NICNT gives good treatment of exegetical questions while focusing on the text's message.  Technical considerations are placed in the footnotes.   Greek is included in the content but it is not necessary to know in order to derive benefit from this commentary set.

New International Commentary on the Old Testament [NICOT] (Print Only) NICOT give similar treatment of exegetical questions as its companion set NICNT.  Later volumes tended to be more scholarly in tone.  Provides an ample supply of exegetical tools. 

Pillar New Testament Commentary (Print Only) Pillar is a series of strongly evangelical scholarship with biblical-theological reflection.  Technical discussion is found in the footnotes with the text rarely dealt with application. D. A. Carson provides excellent editorial work creates high standards.

Pulpit Commentary (Print Only) Now belonging to an older generation of commentaries that has become greatly dated in content.  Useful for looking back at thoughts from previous generations.

Tyndale New Testament Commentary (Print Only) TNTC is a good set for the first time purchase.  Evangelical in scope with a broad coverage and notes.  Revision work is now in process for the "third series." Matters of critical scholarship are not considered.

Tyndale Old Testament Commentary (Print Only) TOTC is a companion to the TNTC with quality evangelical material  with weighty exegeticla comments rather than full exposition.  It is undergoing revisions of some volumes.

Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (Print Only) ZECNT focuses on the Greek text with close exegesis. It does not consider the secondary literature but there are plentiful structural outlines.  Some attention is given to biblical theological reflection and contemporary matters.

Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (Print Only) ZECOT is the companion to the ZECNT.  This was formerly published under the title Hearing the Message of Scripture and has been retitled and reformatted to complement the New Testament series.  This series has good quality material especially in Obadiah, Jonah, and Ruth.


Moderate Exegetical Commentaries

Abingdon New Testament Commentary (Print Only) ANTC provides critical and compact commentary on the New Testament.  This set is non-technical and written for the student and pastor;  like the Tyndale series, but liberal and more scholarly. Also has good annotated bibliographies in most volumes.

Abingdon Old Testament Commentary (Print Only) AbOTC as a set has a variety of quality.  The scholarship in this set is less original and is drawn from a derivative approach.

Anchor Yale Bible Commentary  (Print and Online) AYB is a set that is under revision.  It is not surprising this set leans move liberal and skeptical in approach.  Some volumes only handling the text with a thin theological interpretation.  Some volumes have exhaustive commentary notes. 

Broadman Bible Commentary (Print Only) BROAD is a dated set from the South Baptist Convention with a mildly critical approach.   This set was not widely accepted and primarily used only within the denomination.

Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible (Print Only) CBC is a well-written British moderate historical critical commentary set.  The translation  for this set was the little-used NEB so limited copies are found in North America.

New Interpreter's Bible Commentary (Print Only) NIB is a moderately critical and dependable set which does not embrace an evangelical stance but rather seeks to have a wide inclusive approach as reflected in the contributors from different denominations.  Includes Kaiser, Brueggeman, Wright, and Newson.  Hermeneutic approach does vary in volumes to the historical-critical.

Historical Theological Commentaries

An Interpretation of the English Bible by B. H. Carroll (Print Only)

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Print  and Online) ACCS is an excellent set that reacquaints the student/scholar with the rich heritage of the church.  It encompasses the whole Bible and the study of the writings of the early church fathers.  The whole canon is included but some books receive only small attention due to the limited writing available from which to draw.

Ancient Christian Texts  (Print and Online)

Calvin's Commentaries (Print Only) Calvin covers both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Many will find his insight into the literary form and function as exceptional as well as his rich theological insights. 

Lange's Commentaries (Online Only) Lange's is a classic 19th century set covering both the Old and New Testaments.  It is a fairly conservative approach to exegetical, theological and homiletical material.  The philological comments are out dated given the century of additional research.  This set is still highly valued by preachers and scholars. 

Reformation Commentary on Scripture  (Print , Ebsco Ebook, and ProQuest Ebook Central)

Pastoral/Application Commentaries

Christ-Centered Exposition (Print Only) Meant to cover both OT and NT with devotional commentary.  This is under the editorial direction of David Platt and Daniel Akin.  This source is meant to deal with the larger sections of the text as a whole rather than to deal word-for-word.  Emphasis is on the grace of God in the gospel and Christ-centered approach.

Holman Commentary on the Old and New Testament (Print Only) Begun in 1998 and completed in three years.  This series offers quick sermonic material .  Authors are mainly successful senior pastors from large SBC churches with a few seminary faculty contributors.  These are inexpensive volumes with reliable ideas.  Not intended for scholarly use.

John MacArthur Commentary (Print Only) NIV Application Commentary (Print Only)

Preaching the Word Commentary (Print Only) User friendly series.  This series has an excellent mixture of veteran and newcomers who contribute to a quality set.  The contexts of the material offers sound resources for the preacher.  Some of the volumes has fine annotated bibliographies.