Bible/Religious Studies

Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries

Full text version of the Anchor Bible Commentaries

Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary

Full text access to the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary.


The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) contains statistics on religion throughout the world.

ATLA Religion

Contains articles and book reviews major religion and theological journals. It includes more than 620,000 article citations from more than 1,746 journals (575 currently indexed), more than 250,000 essay citations from over 18,000 multi-author works, more than 570,000 book review citations, and a growing number of multimedia citations. It provide more than 380,000 electronic articles and book reviews.

Biblical Archaeology Society

Scholarly but heavily illustrated and readable articles and books about Ancient Israel and other lands people portrayed in the Bible. Studies and reports illuminate the use of archaeological methods to assess the historicity of scripture, and all biblical references are linked to the scriptural texts.

Bloomsbury E-Book Collection

The Bloomsbury Ebook Collection includes the entire set of the International Critical Commentary along with several ebooks in Pauline Studies published by T & T Clark.

Brill's Der Neue Pauly

(German) Most complete and most authoritative modern encyclopedia of the ancient world currently available. In nearly 20,000 entries it covers two thousand years of history and culture of Greco-Roman Antiquity and the reception of this in the two thousand years that followed

Brill's New Pauly

Most complete and most authoritative modern encyclopedia of the ancient world currently available. In nearly 20,000 entries it covers two thousand years of history and culture of Greco-Roman Antiquity and the reception of this in the two thousand years that followed

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Public domain commentaries and reference articles.

Christian Periodical Index

Provides indexing for evangelical Christian journals providing both articles and review indexing. Current indexing includes 140 titles dating back to 1976.

Context of Scripture

Illuminatingly presents the multi-faceted world of ancient writing that forms the colorful background to the literature of the Hebrew Bible. Designed as a thorough and enduring reference work for all engaged in the study of the Bible and the ancient Near East, the Context of Scripture Online provides reliable access to a broad, balanced, and representative collection of Ancient Near Eastern texts that have an impact on the interpretation of the Bible.

Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library

The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library presents a complete Hebrew transcription and English translation of the Biblical texts, together with high-resolution images.

Desiring God

Open Access e-books from John Piper.

Encyclopedia for Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics

The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics is a unique work that brings together the latest research from across a range of disciplines which contribute to our knowledge of Ancient Greek. It is an indispensable research tool for scholars and students of Greek, of linguistics, and of other Indo-European languages, as well as of Biblical literature.

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics:

The Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Online offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the history and study of the Hebrew language from its earliest attested form to the present day.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

EBR offers a comprehensive and in-depth rendering of the current state of knowledge on the origins and development of the Bible in its different canonic forms in Judaism and Christianity. At the same time, EBR also documents the history of the Bible's reception in the Christian churches and the Jewish Diaspora; in Islam, in other religious traditions and current religious movements, Western and non-Western alike, as well as in literature, art, music, and film. EBR is a research tool for scholars in biblical studies and related fields but also useful to readers generally interested in the Bible. It is edited by a team of international scholars, all experts in their fields. The publication is scheduled to comprise thirty volumes in print spanning a 15-year period (2009–2024). The online edition contains the entire contents of the printed edition (currently volumes 1–14), as well as many articles ahead of print, and is updated quarterly.

Greek and Latin Patristic Texts

Contains primary resources of Greek and Latin texts throughout Christian history.

Index Religiosus

Published under the direction of the Faculties of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Louvain (KU Leuven and the Université Catholique de Louvain). It contains over 565,000 bibliographic records and 123,000 review references.

L’anee Philogique

A specialized bibliographic database of scholarly works relating to all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Its subjects are Greek and Latin literature and linguistics, including early Christian texts and patrisitcs. Also included are Greek and Roman history, art, archaeology, philosophy, religion, mythology, music, and science. Numismatics, papyrology, and epigraphy are also included.

New Testament Abstracts

This is a product of a partnership between ATLA and Boston College. The database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy, and students of the New Testament. The database contains more than 44,000 article abstracts, 1,200 review abstracts, 16,500 book abstracts, and 50 software abstracts.

Old Testament Abstracts

This is a product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Biblical Association. The database features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and software related to Old Testament studies. Topics covered include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology, and much more.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Provides a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. There are several online commentaries published by Oxford available in this database. This resource also includes over 5,000 entries from the Encyclopedia of Dead Sea Scrolls, Oxford Companion to the Bible, and a wealth of other Oxford references.

Philosopher's Index

Produced by the Philosopher’s Information Center, is a current and comprehensive bibliographic database covering scholarly research in all major fields of philosophy. It contains research published since 1940 including over 680 journals from more than 50 countries with content representing a variety of languages. Contains an in-depth index as well as full text coverage.

Project Muse

Religion Collection containing nearly 300 ebooks.

Research in Ministry (RIM)

Index of DMin and DMiss projects from schools of theology accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Southern Baptist Periodical Index

Electronic index of Southern Baptist publications which newsletters, journals, and newspapers. Baptist history, worship, church music, church administration, religious education, Baptist higher education, missions, and family life are among the subjects covered in this resource.

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum

Systematically collects newly published Greek inscriptions as well as publications on previously known documents. It presents complete Greek texts of all new inscriptions with a critical apparatus; it summarizes new readings, interpretations, and studies of known inscriptions, and occasionally presents the Greek text of these documents.

Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN)

TREN includes dissertations from many theological schools along with ETS papers. If you see an item that you would like to read, please give the TREN number to Ms. Dorothy Smith ( for digital access.


READ THESE NOTES BEFORE ACCESSING DATABASE. The Thesaurus Linguae Gracae (TLG) is a research center at the University of California, Irvine. Founded in 1972, the TLG has collected and digitized most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in 1553 AD.  In order to have access to the entire CORPUS of the resources, you must create your own account within TLG.  Click on the box in the upper right hand corner to REGISTER.  The database will determine that you are from an institutional member.  YOU MUST ACCESS THIS DATABASE EACH TIME USING ONLY THE SWBTS REFERRING LINK. Additionally, each time you open the database you will need to LOGIN your account to see the CORPUS.

W. A Criswell Sermon Library

W, A, Criswell was born December 19, 1909 in Eldorado, Oklahoma. He received his B.A. from Baylor University, and his Th.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as pastor of First Baptist Church Chickasha, Oklahoma and First Baptist Church Muskogee, Oklahoma prior to being called as pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas in October of 1944. He served for fifty years as senior pastor of First Baptist Church, for many years the largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention, preaching more than five thousand sermons from its pulpit. He became the historic church’s first Pastor Emeritus in 1995.

General Academic Research

Academic Search Complete

The world's most valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. The database features PDF content going back as far as 1887.

Book Review Digest

Unlike reviews on book-sale sites and the open Internet, many of the reviews are serious, academic works. This invaluable resource for literary and biographical research is essential for readers’ advisory and collection development.

Business Source Complete

This database contains premium full-text content and peer-reviewed business journals. It covers all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, banking, finance and more.

Credo Reference

Collection of electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries on multiple subject areas.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Online journals available in the public domain.

Dissertation and Theses

This database contains thousands of dissertations and theses from several institutions covering the subjects of humanities and social science.

Ebook Central

Large ebook collection that contains ebooks from multiple disciplines with a strong emphasis in religion.

Ebsco Ebooks

Large ebook collection that contains ebooks from multiple disciplines with a strong emphasis in religion.

Educational Administration-Abstracts

Abstracts for articles from scholarly journals for education.


  The Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) provides access to education literature and resources. The database contains more than 1.3 million records and provides access to information from journals.

Essay and General Literature Index

This unique reference database cites records contained in collections of essays and miscellaneous works published in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

Family Studies Abstract

This database includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to family studies, including marriage, divorce, family therapy and other areas of key relevance to the discipline.

Fuente Academica

  Offers more than 450 scholarly journals from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. All major subject areas are covered with particular emphasis on agriculture, biological sciences, economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, psychology, public administration, religion and sociology. The database is updated weekly.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Contains thousands of electronic articles from multiple reference materials that cover multiple subject areas.

Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

This collection brings together more than 500 titles dealing with this difficult and important topic. Included are periodicals, key compiled federal legislative histories, relevant congressional hearings, CRS Reports, Supreme Court briefs, and more. Links to nearly 500 scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and a balanced selection of external resources to further research this subject are also provided.

HathiTrust Digital Library

Millions of public domain e-books on multiple subject areas.

Health Reference Center

Resource for up-to-date information on a range of health care topics.

Health Source Consumer

This database is the richest collection of consumer health information available to libraries worldwide, providing information on many health topics including the medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine and general health. It provides access to nearly 80 full text, consumer health magazines.

Humanities Full Text

This database provides full text, abstracts and bibliographic indexing of the most noted scholarly sources in the humanities, as well as specialized magazines. Content includes feature articles, interviews, obituaries and original works of fiction, drama, poetry and much more.


Provides back issues of the core scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences (including many important religious journals not included in other databases) from the earliest issues to within a few years of current publication.

Literary Reference Center

This database contains scholarly articles that analyze works of literature and authors.


Multidisciplinary database provides full text for nearly 1,700 periodicals with full-text information dating as far back as 1975 covering virtually every subject area of general interest. It also contains full text for nearly 500 reference books and over 164,400 primary source documents, as well as an Image Collection of over 592,000 photos, maps & flags.


A unique collection of medical research and investigatory journals from renowned Latin American and Spanish publishers. This Spanish language database contains full text for 130 peer-reviewed medical journals in native Spanish.


MEDLINE provides authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences, and much more. Created by the National Library of Medicine, it uses MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) indexing with tree, tree hierarchy, subheadings and explosion capabilities to search citations from over 5,400 current biomedical journals.

Middle Search Plus

Provides full text for more than 140 popular, middle school magazines. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator. Full text is also available for thousands of biographies and historical essays.It also contains 84,774 biographies, 105,786 primary source documents, and a School Image Collection of photos, maps, and flags.

Newspaper Source

Provides cover-to-cover full text for more than 40 (U.S.) & international newspapers. The database also contains selective full text for 389 regional (U.S.) newspapers. In addition, full text television & radio news transcripts are also provided.

New World Encyclopedia

  Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia

Open Library

Over a million books in the public domain.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

This cross-curricular research database supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Informed, differing views help learners develop critical-thinking skills and draw their own conclusions. Opposing Viewpoints In Context is a rich resource for debaters and includes pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, infographics, and more.

Oxford Reference

Contains several encyclopedias and dictionaries for Oxford published works on history, religion, music, and literature.

Play Index

This unique resource covers classic and historical plays, along with the works of contemporary playwrights. This database covers new editions and translations, and includes descriptive annotations to summarize the plot and indicate musical requirements.

Primary Search

Provides full text for more than 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator and full text information dates as far back as 1990.

Professional Development Collection

Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collection of nearly 520 high quality education journals, including more than 350 peer-reviewed titles. This database also contains more than 200 educational reports. It is the most comprehensive collection of full text education journals in the world.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

This is a comprehensive database covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational & experimental methods. This is the world's largest full text psychology database offering full text coverage for nearly 400 journals.

Rosetta Stone

  Over 30 languages available with core lessons in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with focused activities grammar and vocabulary. The program allows you to learn your language at your own pace.

Science in Context

Provides contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics and showcases how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues ranging from bacteria to obesity and weather. The collection includes millions of full-text articles that includes national and global publications as well as 200+ experiments, projects, and top reference content.

SWBTS Dissertations

This is a collection of electronic SWBTS dissertations as well as dissertations from other evangelical schools. The database also includes papers presented at the Evangelical Theological Society.

Teacher Reference Center

Provides indexing and abstracts for 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.

Topic Search

Contains full text for over 150,961 articles from 475 diverse sources including international and regional newspapers, EBSCO's unparalleled collection of periodicals, biographies, public opinion polls, book reviews, pamphlets, and government information

Vocational and Career Collection

This database is designed for vocational and technical libraries servicing high schools, community colleges, trade institutions and the general public. This collection provides full text coverage for nearly 340 trade and industry-related periodicals.


This tool allows you to browse through library catalogs from all over the world and request items from other libraries to be sent to SWBTS.

World Cultures

Provides in depth information on the history, politics, religion, and much more on all the countries in the world.


Anabaptist Dictionary of the Bible

The purpose of the online Anabaptist Dictionary of the Bible (ADB) is to reflect (and to reflect critically on) an Anabaptist approach to the reading of the Bible.

ATLA Historical Monographs Series I

Consists of more than 15,000 ebooks from the 13th Century through the late 19th century on religion and theology. It contains several books in several European languages along with Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew. This collection documents the recovery of biblical language and provides an in-depth view of the way that interest and knowledge of biblical language emerged during the nineteenth century.

ATLA Historical Monographs Series II

Consists of nearly 15,000 ebooks published from 1894-1923. It presents a comprehensive picture of religion in America at the turn of the century. Subjects addressed include the conflict between religion and science, the growing interest in Eastern religions and other world religions, and significant shifts in the religious identification of Americans.

Bibliography of Native Americans

A bibliographic database covering all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life. This resource covers a wide range of topics including archaeology, multicultural relations, gaming, governance, legend, and literacy. BNNA contains more than 141,000 citations for books, essays, journal articles, and government documents of the United States and Canada. Dates of coverage for included content range from the sixteenth century to the present.

Biblioteca Digital Anabautista

Biblioteca Digital Anabautista is a Spanish theological collection focused on Anabaptist perspectives.

Classic Sermon Index

Allows users to search public domain sermons by preacher and book of the Bible. The date range of these sermons are from the second century to the present. Most of the sermons contain full text documents.

Early American Imprints

This collection contains the Series I: Evans, 1639-1800 and the Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker 1801-1819,  along with all of the various supplements. There are over 90,000 ebooks that include early American authors. There are many items dealing with church history and theology along with sermons included in this collection

Early English Books Online

Following its first launch in 1998, EEBO now contains page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473–1700. More than 200 libraries worldwide have contributed to EEBO ebook collection. This work contains thousands of ebooks on a variety of subjects.

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity Online

The Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity focuses on the history of early Christian texts, authors, ideas. Its content is intended to bridge the gap between the fields of New Testament studies and patristics, covering the whole period of early Christianity up to 600 CE. The BEEC aims to provide a critical review of the methods used in Early Christian Studies and to update the historiography.

Jonathan Edwards Center

An electronic collection of writings and articles from Jonathan Edwards. The collection contains edited published works and raw manuscripts.

Loeb Classical Library (Limited Time Trial)

The mission of the Loeb Classical Library, founded by James Loeb in 1911, has always been to make Greek and Latin literature accessible to the broadest range of readers. The digital Loeb Classical Library extends this mission into the twenty-first century. Harvard University Press is honored to renew James Loeb's vision of accessibility and presents an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing, virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. Epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians; those Church Fathers who made particular use of pagan culture — in short, our entire Greek and Latin Classical heritage is represented here with up-to-date texts and accurate English translations. More than 520 volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts are available in a modern and elegant interface, allowing readers to browse, search, bookmark, annotate, and share content with ease.

Race Relations Abstracts

This resource provides a sole focus on content relating specifically to the relationship between races. It is a rich source of bibliographic records covering fundamental areas relevant to race relations. Specific areas covered include ethnic studies, discrimination, immigration studies, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture, and Law

This database includes scholarly articles, primary documents, and ebooks on the history and issues of American and World slavery.

Texas Reference Center

A Texas specific product comprised of periodicals, reference books, reports, and other content relevant to the state. Texas Reference Center contains more than 75 full text periodicals, 150 full text reference books, several Texas newspapers, and much more.


African American Music Reference

Provides comprehensive coverage of black American musical expression from colonial times to the present, including blues, jazz, spirituals, civil rights songs, slave songs, minstrelsy, rhythm and blues, gospel, and other forms.

American Song

Contains coverage in breadth and depth for American music, and is essential for the study of music history and the social, cultural, and political history of North America.

Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

Contains information on the hymns of many countries and languages, and a strong emphasis on the historical as well as the contemporary. It will be of interest to literary scholars, musicians, church historians, and theologians, and a delight for those who love the hymn as an art form. This database includes 2 million words, over 4000 individual entries and more than 300 authors from over 30 countries writing on hymns of the Judaeo-Christian tradition, from the earliest years to those written today.

Classical Music in Video

A comprehensive streaming video collection to support the study of classical music. It currently provides streaming access to more than 400 hours of video and will grow to 1,000 hours on completion, with new titles being regularly added.

Classical Music Library

  An award-winning, comprehensive streaming audio collection of classical music. It currently provides streaming access to more than 648,000 tracks, including almost 50,000 recordings from EMI, and is growing monthly as new recordings are added. To learn how to use this database, click here.

Classical Music Reference Library

A comprehensive classical music reference database comprising several music reference books.

Classical Scores Library

Contains the most important classical music scores, manuscripts, and previously unpublished material, allowing for the study and analysis of more than 45,000 musical scores. This database serves as an integral resource for music students and faculty, encompassing all major classical musical genres and time periods from medieval to contemporary. With full, study, piano, and vocal scores, this comprehensive collection will enhance the study of music history, performance, appreciation, and theory for a variety of scholars.

Contemporary World Music

Delivers the sounds of all regions from every continent. The database will contain important genres such as reggae, worldbeat, neo-traditional, world fusion, Balkanic jazz, African film, Bollywood, Arab swing and jazz, and other genres such as traditional music - Indian classical, fado, flamenco, klezmer, zydeco, gospel, gagaku, and more.

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

The first comprehensive online resource devoted to music research of all the world's peoples. More than 9,000 pages of material, combined with entries by more than 700 expert contributors from all over the world, make this the most complete body of work focused on world music.

IPA Source

IPA Source was developed to benefit singers, teachers, and all those interested in the correct and knowledgeable performance of vocal literature. What started in 2003 as a support site for students in a university diction class has grown into the largest collection of literal translations and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions on the web. The goal of IPA Source is to promote the comprehension and accurate pronunciation of foreign language texts in art song and opera in order that the singer may imbue each syllable with the appropriate emotional content.

Jazz Music Library

The largest and most comprehensive collection of streaming jazz available online — with thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres.

Opera in Video

Contains five hundred hours of the most important opera performances, captured on video through staged productions, interviews, and documentaries. Selections represent the world’s best performers, conductors, and opera houses and are based on a work’s importance to the operatic canon.

Oxford Music Online

The gateway offering users the ability to access and cross-search multiple music reference resources in one location. With Grove Music Online as its cornerstone, Oxford Music Online also contains The Oxford Companion to Music (revised 2011), which offers more than 8,000 articles on composers, performers, conductors, instruments and notation, forms and genres, and individual works; and The Oxford Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition (revised 2006), which supplements Grove's more-extensive articles with content geared toward undergraduates and general users.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with FULL TEXT (new)

  RILM, a comprehensive, ongoing guide to publications on music from all over the world, is an indispensable tool for scholars, students, librarians, performers, teachers, and music lovers. RILM includes over 620,000 records; over 30,000 new records are added every year, covering all document types: articles, books, bibliographies, catalogues, dissertations, Festschriften, iconographies, critical commentaries to complete works, ethnographic recordings, conference proceedings, electronic resources, reviews, and more.

Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries

Contains the largest and most comprehensive streaming audio collection of world music. It currently provides streaming access to over 42,000 tracks from the Smithsonian archives and world music archives in Asia and Africa, and is growing regularly as new recordings are added.