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Roberts Library Theses/Dissertations Classification Guide

—Dissertations and theses are classed according to degree granted.


Granted from Schools of Theology/Evangelism & Missions

  • AT 30 (Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D)
  • AT 50 (Doctor of Ministry/D.Min. & Korean D.Min)

Granted from the School of Educational Ministries

  • ATE 30 (Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D.E.M)
  • ATE 50 (Doctor of Ministry/D.Ed.Min.)


Granted from Schools of Theology/Evangelism & Missions

  • ATM (Master of Theology)
  • ATMD (Master of Divinity)  

Granted from the School of Theology

  • ATMA (Master of Arts in Theology)
  • ATMA30 (Master of Arts in Archeology and Biblical Studies)

Granted from School of Educational Ministries

  • ATEM (Master of Arts in Christian School Education)

Granted from the School of Evangelism and Missions

  • ATMI (Master of Arts in Missiology)


Past Class Numbers – No longer used

AT (Doctor of Theology)

ATA (Doctor of Religious Education)

ATC (Master of Arts in Communication)

ATCS (Master of Arts in Church and – Community Svcs/School Ed/ Social Svcs)

ATE (Doctor of Education)

ATG (Graduate Specialist in Religious Education)

1) Go to our Database page. Select Dissertations and Theses under the General Academic Research tab.


2) You will be taken to your Canvas login. You will need to login with your information.

3) Select Doctoral Dissertations only and put in your search term.

There are several dissertations that are not in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses such as DMIN dissertations from SWBTS and other schools. Also, many SWBTS PHD dissertations are not in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. We have scanned many of our dissertations and purchased several dissertations from various institutions over the past few years. This is a continual work in progress. In addition, we have several ETS papers available as well. All of these dissertations can be accessed in David. To directly get to these different types of documents, you can click below on the links below. You can select to see dissertations produced by specific schools under the "Publisher" facet on left.


D. Min (SWBTS Only)

 D. Ed. Min.

D. Ed. Min (SWBTS Only)


ETS Papers

Finding D.Min/D. Ed. Min Dissertations in TREN

Students/Patrons may go to TREN.COM and search for dissertations. They may send the TREN # to Dr. Craig Kubic, Dean of Libraries  (ckubic@swbts.edufor online access.



In order to find Korean Lanuguage SWBTS Dissertations