• The Computer Lab is located on the 2nd Floor of Roberts Library.

  • The lab has a total of 18 stations where students can print.

  • Each black and white print costs $ .10.  Each color print costs $.45.

  • Paying for printing must be paid for through Papercut (Papercut can only be accessed on the SWBTS Wifi Networks and SWBTS Computers).

  • Printing from your personal laptop or device is not possible.

Roberts Library has three copiers. One is located on the first floor behind the public access computers. The other two are located on the second floor. The second floor copiers are located outside Archives and the Computer Lab. The one outside the Computer lab can do black and white and color copying.  Black and White copies are $.10. Color copies are $.45 cents.

Copies can be paid for through Papercut (Papercut can only be accessed on the SWBTS Wifi Networks and SWBTS Computers) or through the Copy Center.



Dissertation Printing at Roberts Library
  • For simple black and white printing on regular bond paper, you may be better served by visiting the Computer Lab on the 2nd Floor.
  • Dissertations and other required paperwork should be loaded in the appropriate "Commons" area for your program

Black and White

White - 100% Cotton Bond (Dissertation quality)


White Dissertation Box


Color Print

White - 100% Cotton Bond

(Dissertation quality)


    Dissertation Boxes

    Both the proof and final dissertation must be placed in paper boxes which can be purchased at Roberts Library. Dissertation boxes are $1.00.


    Cotton Paper

    Cotton Paper costs $. 20 per sheet.


        It is the student's responsibility to make sure that their dissertation is error free. SWBTS Libraries will not edit or adjust the content in any way.

    Paying for Prints

        Prints can be paid at the register through credit/debit card. 

    Printing Final Draft 

        Students should upload the final document to the appropriate RDS or PDS "Commons"