Textbook Purchase Tutorial

Faculty Publications

The Seminary Hill Bookstore is proud to offer the publications from the faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Browse the diverse breadth of scholarship contributed by our professors. 

Academic Publications

It is our highest priority to offer the latest and best in the academic fields in which our students engage. Our primary sections include Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Commentaries, History, Theology, Church Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Evangelism, Christian Education, Hermeutics, and Missions, as well as others. Our stock reflects diverse perspectives in each of these fields. Should you have a suggestion for an addition to our inventory, speak to one of our assistants about the title in mind. 

Special Orders

To place a special order, simply call our extension (2745) or email us at bookstore@swbts.edu. In order to confirm your order, include your name and phone number. To expedite the ordering process, please include the title, the name of the author, the publisher, and the ISBN number. 


Through our Keurig coffee machine, the Seminary Hill Bookstore offers fresh Decaf, Light, Medium, and Dark roasted coffee for $1.29 after tax. All faculty members receive free coffee after presenting their school ID's.

Study Space

Our study area has a variety of comfortable seating options, tucked away from the noise of the first floor of the library. Enjoy a quiet reading session on your own or bring some friends for intense group discussions.