InterLibrary Loan

ILL (InterLibrary Loan) is a reciprocal service between thousands of libraries. Generally, materials are requested at a cost of $0.00, however, some materials may require a different amount for lending. In those cases, you will be notified before confirmation of request is made.

Distance Students

TBC and SWBTS students who live more than 60 miles outside the DFW metroplex may request materials that are available for borrowing and belong to SWBTS to be mailed to their home.

Additionally, current students are granted access to all digital content available to SWBTS. Follow this link to understand how to access various digital content.


TBC and SWBTS alumni must obtain a Guest Reader card to have check out privileges. This card costs $10 per year and only allows the holder to check out 5 items at a time.

AtlaAlum is a full-text database that is similar to AtlaPlus, one of the databases available to students. If you would be interested in gaining access to the content, please write the Emeritus Librarian to request access to this database (include Month/Year of graduation as well as degree program). All other digital content is not accessible with this program.


You can print assignments or documents at the computer lab, located on the 2nd floor of Roberts.

You can make copies or scan documents at the public copiers located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Roberts or on the main floor of Bowld.

Scanning is free of charge but printing and copying cost $.10 per page for black and white and $.45 per page for color.

The library uses PaperCut for the management of fees related to printing and copying. If you have questions, please email Dr. Runnels ( or call 817-921-8863.